Dragontears - Tambourine Freak Machine (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Dragontears - Tambourine Freak Machine (CD)

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Origin: Denmark
Released: 2008
Catalog number: AFROCD037
Dragontears from Denmark can be considered a super group of psychedelic underground rock as the band is formed mainly by former and present members of On Trial and Baby Woodrose. Tambourine Freak Machine has some unbelievably deep and hallucinatory atmospheres and is a must have for every fan of psychedelic underground music.

Hazy psychedlic tunes with spaced-out vocals and dizzying electronic effects. Great, well-sung cover of Bob Dylan’s Masters of War on this as well. This is likely to provide one of the better head trips of the year with its many jangly guitar jams and drum solos. Has a very relaxed, stoned colorful aesthetic.

The long awaited 2nd album by Dragontears continues the experimental path of "2000 Micrograms From Home". One could say it's more of the same. A bit more psychedelic, less noisy, more melodic, less anarchic. It will definitely appeal to fans of the debut. 6 long trippy songs including a great take on Dylan's "Masters Of War". "2000 Micrograms" featured a lot of different musicians from Copenhagen, and "Tambourine Freak Machine" also has an impressive lineup.