Night Horse - The Dark Won't Hide You (CD) Cover Art

Night Horse - The Dark Won't Hide You (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2008
Catalog number: NAS-02
It sounds like the outcome of a 3-way car crash involving Humble Pie, the old-school version of the Black Crowes and Badmotorfinger-era Soundgarden. These dudes are knee deep in the blues, and they've gotta lead singer who can flat out sing at a far higher level than most rock bands. Tons of great soloing, solid production and just crazy good musicianship.

This collective of Allman Brothers loving, wah-pedal beating stoners are the perfect union of Clutch’s unyielding groove, Fu Manchu’s muddy distortion/patient riffs and Southern rock’s epic bouts of twangy flair. Occasionally paring things down to the typical Black Sabbath influence via droning bridges and an overall loose atmosphere, The Dark Won’t Hide You boasts six tracks with that molasses-in-January pacing most boogie rockers can’t live without.

Unlike that bevy of bands whose Marshall stacks reach the sky, Night Horse also takes time to pay homage to groups like Humble Pie and Alice Cooper circa 1972 while displaying licks that would make any employee at Guitar Center drop to his knees and weep for joy.