Moho - Chotacabra (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art

Moho - Chotacabra (IMPORT) (LP)

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Origin: Spain
Released: 2008
Catalog number: beat 27
The Spanish three-piece may sound rough and burly, but their sound is finely honed and well defined. What that sound is is a forward moving mix of stoner, sludge, doom, and metal, churning with bile-filled singing and teeming with thick, meaty grooves. This is no generic wall of bricks falling on top of you; this is well crafted, unique material.

Their three albums to date are among the heaviest, ugliest, and crudest pieces of vinyl to be unleashed on the metal public since Carcass’ 'Symphonies of Sickness', perhaps even back to Celtic Frost’s 'Morbid Tales'. On their last album, the magnificently titled “He Visto la Cruz al Revés”, the trio slowed their pace to a Sleep-y crawl. 'Chotacabras' is a more varied album, like '20 Uñas', but with better crafted songs and more elaborate arrangements. It’s still as pretty as a coked-up and pantiless Britney with her wig askew. Crusty and raw, this is the album that could endear them to Electric Wizard fans and old black metal fans alike and bring about the downfall of not only Spain or the European institution, but that whole sick joke we insist on calling “civilization”.

Fans of traditional sludge may be taken aback by the band’s approach: There aren’t any cheezy movie samples, and squealing feedback filler is all but non-existent. Instead, the roaring bass of Iñaki and filthy guitar tones of Raúl vault from the speakers, weaving hazy, black, evil trudges bolstered by the deft drumming of Edu (the real lynchpin of the MOHO sound). It’s a very non-gimmicky record; Iñaki’s sparse use of his gargling, hellish vocals suggest their primary focus is on great riffs and dramatic changes. It’s also obvious that these boys love their Slayer and maybe some Swedish death metal, the slow, bouncing grooves often accelerating into storming, tritone-driven rifferama. For sludge metal that delivers the murk without sacrificing musicianship, MOHO is pretty much unbeatable.