Fall of the Bastards - Dusk of an Ancient Age (Black) (LP) Cover Art

Fall of the Bastards - Dusk of an Ancient Age (LP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2008
Catalog number: KR-24
A unique assault of misanthropic, blackened, melodic doom metal from Portland, OR. Torturous Sabbathesque riffs plod along miserably through melodic doom metal atmosphere and progressive death metal song structures. Some elements are very reminiscent of Soulpreacher and Bongzilla but as a whole Fall of the Bastards is METAL. The dual vocal styles switch between sludge-core screaming and death growls. This shit is very heavy, very complex, very good and not for the timid.

Raw black metal from Portland, Oregon with tons of blasting speeds as well as some excellent moderately paced breaks that occasional have a thrashier essence happening. The songs and the riffs are fucking killer. The bass playing and drumming are both exceptional for this style, though… as the percussion never stops moving between interesting fills and patterns, and the bass parts don't simply mimic the guitars and fall by the wayside at all.