Lords of Bastard - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Lords of Bastard - Self Titled (CD)

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Origin: UK
Released: 2008
Catalog number: LONE60
This is a record that should appeal to fans of huge vintage tube amps with two settings: loud and even louder. Lords of Bastard obviously do not give a toss about radio-airplay, or they would have chosen a more radio friendly name. Not that their heady mixture of sludge, stoner, grunge and surf that sounds like it is played by Toni Iommi after digesting a handful of strange little pills, would make a big impression on mainstream radio.

These Scots have had the brilliant idea of packaging their brand of music in such a way it resembles a lot of things without really sounding like a rip-off. It is like Soundgarden, like the weird surf instrumentals by Man or Astroman? And is being played with the typical fullblast bassy stonersound we know from bands like Fu Manchu. At one time the music sounds muddy as if it has come to you after having first ploughed its way through a meadow after two weeks of rain, while at the next moment you feel you are on board a departing intergalactic spaceship.

Lords of Bastard’s unholy rumble is equal parts bludgeon and groove, swollen riffs swaying like a hairy mammoth’s enormous scrotal sack. They allow their guitars to twist, turn, build without too much extraneous and potentially off-putting vocal gymnastics and crunch through a debut set that is brutal, silly and deeply satisfying, often in the same song. This might seem two-dimensional by some people’s dim standards, and the production is deliberately primitive but that’s sort of the point, no? A heraldic success.