Hotel Wrecking City Traders - Black Yolk (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Hotel Wrecking City Traders - Black Yolk (IMPORT) (CD)

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Origin: Australia
Released: 2008
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How many instruments does it take to create a massive rock and roll noise? Well, when it comes to Melbourne based outfit Hotel Wrecking City Traders, the answer is apparently two! A sound that’s somewhat similar to what rock behemoth Karma To Burn were producing back in their heyday. Toby’s massive riffs are quite literally killer in both their power and their impact, while Matthews’ drumming is totally rock solid, with just the odd fill here and there being thrown in to keep the mix interesting.

So many shadowy images of its influences and peers appear that the album never sounds as if it was ever dependant on them. Across the album the ghosts of Torche, Karma To Burn, Mogwai, Capricorns, Goliath Bird Eater, Circle, and of course, Zeppelin and Sabbath, rise from the tracks like hypnotic, post-metal leviathans with these two grand mages in the centre conducting and realigning. What really sets this album apart from so many of the rock-out acts around is the subtlety with which each song section slides onto the next, the natural flow of the songs that delivers moment after moment without you quite realising it is upon you until you are in the middle of it, yet feels wholly spontaneous and, yes intimate.