Ancestors - Neptune with Fire (CD) Cover Art

Ancestors - Neptune with Fire (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2008
Catalog number: NAS-01
Everything about Ancestors’ debut, Neptune with Fire, screams “'70s prog,” from the title and cover art that reference King Crimson’s In the Wake of Poseidon to the two epic-length tracks contained therein that just beg to stretch across the two sides of a 180-gram vinyl LP. And of course any metal band with two full-time members responsible for electric organ and “textural incarnations” is bound to have a healthy appreciation for the psychedelic spaciness of Hawkwind and early Pink Floyd. Ancestors build Neptune With Fire on a series of simple, heavy guitar licks, jammed out ad infinitum. They aim for cosmic highs through repetition and atmosphere, but the album connects most when they’re focusing on nothing more transcendent than a great doom riff.

Slaves to the riff take heed, the debut album from L.A.’s Ancestors entitled Neptune With Fire is here and it wants your soul. Of course you’ll gladly give it over when you hear this riff laden psychedelic opus and its multi-layered, thick, progressive doom, culled straight from the seventies and blasted through every essence of your being. Conceptual in its construction, this immersive aural experience consists of two tracks which meander from one riff to the next with fluid grace and effortless timing. Each of these tracks plays out like multiple songs meshed together with instrumental interludes, reminiscent of stoner doom bands like Sleep, Green Milk From the Planet Orange and Sons of Otis.

LA-based quintet Ancestors head off into third-eye territory on their amazing debut for Tee Pee Records affiliate North Atlantic Sound. The thing I like the most about the Ancestors is their manipulation of the musical vibe -- alternating between Sleep's heavy riffing and lysergic freak-outs. Ancestors take the listener on a trip to a place where space is heavy and sound is all that matters. Factor in some strategic organ textures here and there, and you've got an album with more dimensions than you know what to do with, just the way the Ancestors planned it. Blast off!