Lazerwolfs - La Bruja (CD) Cover Art

Lazerwolfs - La Bruja (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2008
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Surly bar rock, gussied up with a couple of riffs that wouldn't be out of place on any early AC/DC album. A punchier, growly take on the Thin Lizzy formula shows how tight this three piece can be. Compared to their previous albums, La Bruja's the best one yet. The production isn't as dry and the band's energy really comes through.

Lazerwolfs are a powerful outfit who care absolutely nothing about what's hot at the moment. They're so totally immersed in the heftiest sounds of the 70/80's that seeing them live is a little like entering a '70s timewarp, where you know, gas is cheap, beer gets opened with a pop-top and dudes who look like Cliff Burton are everywhere. As a Missoulian, it's nice to have a band around that is totally a pro metal outfit, with the chops, volume and thud to prove it. LAZERWOLFS!

Their latest CD, “La Bruja” (Spanish for “The Witch”), is a 10-track homage to the halcyon days of hard rock, stemming directly from the band’s rock-metal-funk influences like Guns and Roses, the Black Crowes, Black Sabbath and yeah, Zeppelin. The mix of influences is apparent throughout the album, 10 surprisingly short but hard-rocking songs with drug references, political sideswipes and paganism that stretch La Tray’s vocal chords and test Rolle’s guitar chops throughout.