U.S. Christmas - Eat the Low Dogs (CD) Cover Art

U.S. Christmas - Eat the Low Dogs (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2008
Catalog number: NR058
Eat the Low Dogs is a beautifully dark and medicating record that fewer ears will hear than it deserves. It rocks, laments and hollers from the mountainous region of Marion, North Carolina with an enduring gloom that feels archaic and steadfast throughout. The old-timer influences are vast, but U.S. Christmas' old/new merged sound is unified and deliberate: Hawkwind, Neil Young and slow-burn sludge metal such as Neurosis or Isis with their amps to eleven all play a role in U.S. Christmas' composite sound which is less sinister as it is somber. The muddling of genres results in a drug-addled state of alternating between southern rock, psych outbursts and old-fashioned country. A grim sincerity permeates the album's core and the drawn-out hymns recall a southern fried Pageninetynine at their most fleshed out, downtrodden and helpless. Eat the Low Dogs is the blues for a generation of misfit types with social problems, from a handful of miscreants with those same problems.

Eat the Low Dogs should be a beacon of soft light in the minds of sludge lovers, ex-psychedelics and people who enjoy a voyage through forlorn dirges that are as murky as they are somber. It is honest and escapes classification while feeling consistent throughout. U.S. Christmas has created a long-playing set of dreary songs that won't drain you but rather cauterize any open wounds; it's a detox system for the loner, medication for the malefactor and prescribed music for the passionately low.

Waves of psychedelic rock wash your bloated corpse up onto distant shores. You wake up as a zombie, desperate for death and release from this undead state. “Eat the Low Dogs” slowly plays in the distance and you find your inhuman feet slowly marching to the beat towards the sound. When you get to your destination, you cannot hope but notice the cascading guitars and airy effects that mingle with the multiple layers, layers that barely mask the descending steps into the seven hells. Dusty melodies bask in the glory alongside synthesizers and theremin. Imagine Red Sparowes on LSD, for a week, with nothing but songwriting to occupy their time. Heavy space rock, defined, despite their holiday inspired moniker, U.S. Christmas.