Reino Ermitano - Rituales Interiores (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Reino Ermitano - Rituales Interiores (CD)

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Origin: Sweden
Released: 2008
Catalog number: IHR CD 054
Peru’s Reino Ermitano’s third album is a slow yet very textured style of music that flows through you yet it still manages to retain that dragging heaviness much like a very dark shadow following you, but never truly out of reach. The tone's a little reminiscent of early Saint Vitus, but perhaps more subtle and not so sprawling in its approach. The instruments work as a unit often as the music just spreads as a single entity moving forward and laying down a sheet of sound that is both simple yet magical. The real key for the music, to me, is that they sprinkle out just enough that you start to soak in and then they continue to very careful just lay out bits at a time and this helps to sustain the beauty of their music. They now how to pace themselves and they know how to really construct a song so that they get the most of all that they are attempting to do.

This band has been compared to Acid King and I don’t hear that so much in the music, yet Reino Ermitano’s vocalist Tania Duarte does sound more than a little like Lori S. of Acid King. That’s just fine by me as Duarte’s soft yet powerful vocals contain a haunting quality that help elevate the whole overall mood of this album. This album sees the band moving upward and onward as they are not only doing what they want to but rather they are mastering the sound and pulling us along for the ride.