Villebrad - Alla Ar Har Utom Jag (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Villebrad - Alla Ar Har Utom Jag (CD)

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Origin: Sweden
Released: 2006
Catalog number: TRANS023
This Swedish band has a real taste for melody. The band was formed by brothers Erik and Pähl Sundstorm at Upsala in late 2004. Circulating its sounds and musical landscapes in the same places with bands like RADIOHEAD, MUSE etc they create small melodic musical pieces, full of lyrical overtones and melody influenced by the 70s progressive rock and the 80s new wave sounds of ULTRAVOX, JAPAN etc. I would like to describe them as sweet, easy listening, hypnotic or shall I say mesmerizing music. What you would get as a result, listening to this album, is the euphoria from an album built to grow, based on the song structure and the exploitation of harmony and musicians talent.

How do you reach out to a public area, if your music is like a wacky mix of Camel, Japan and Kent??? Well, they sure have taken many different sounds and musical dialects and pulled them together to create something, that in all honestly, is just too weird in the end. Unpredictable and only recommended if you'd like to have a out-of-body experience (dude...).

Villebrad's "Alla Ar Har Utom Jag" is a really curious synthesis of classic Art-Rock and New Wave, the innovativeness of the style being beyond question, although at least one point of comparison can be used - Landberk. It was really interesting to know what could happen as a result of the clever blending of symphonic instrumental textures and pop vocals. Recommended.