Totimoshi - Ladron (Re-issue) (CD) Cover Art

Totimoshi - Ladron Reissue (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2007
Catalog number: VOLCOM ENT #VOL 04670
Take Oxbow’s perverted honesty, Bongzilla’s sludgy guitar attack, and Helmet’s crushing harmonies and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a thick stew dubbed Ladron. Tapping Page Hamilton of Helmet infamy to produce their album, Totimoshi show why they’ve become one of the more sought after tour mates on the stoner rock circuit. Oakland is known for many things but not so much psychedelic sludge rock but Totimoshi is slowly changing all of that.

This album boasts clever lyrics sung with fierce deviance amid clanging guitars that wallow in thick distortion. The drumming isn’t just kindling either, indeed it builds and builds up the tempo and carrying each and every song — something that took a while for Totimoshi to develop after working through six different drummers only to settle on Luke Herbst behind the skins. Bassist Meg Castellanos doesn’t just provide the good looks, her chops are golden as she reaches back for some garage punk chords that even the Melvins didn’t know existed. Hazy sludgy stoner rock that shows the ‘90’s grunge movement what it missed out on.