Dark Tooth Encounter - Soft Monsters (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Dark Tooth Encounter - Soft Monsters (CD)

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Origin: Australia
Released: 2008
Catalog number: LEXDEV021
Dark Tooth Encounter is the name of the new music project from Yawning Man/Ten East lynchpin, Gary Arce, and drummer extraordinaire, Ten East’s Bill Stinson. Although joined by Scott Reeder (Kyuss, Obsessed, etc.) and Mario Lalli (Across The River, Fatso Jetson, etc.) on almost all of the seven tracks on their debut album, Soft Monsters, the approach is much more experimental and cerebral than many of the players’ previous work, sounding like an update on the classic ‘70s art-rock of Eno.

With Gary supplying guitars (inc. lap steel) throughout, as well as keyboards and electronics; the metronomic beats of Bill Stinson; the angular guitar of Mario Lalli and the fuzzed-out bass work of Scott Reeder, Dark Tooth Encounter remain a unique proposition. Purely instrumental, and aided by the astonishing production and studio work of Mike Shear, their music is a mixture of several different elements. Their sound incorporates small elements of the players’ other outfits, sure, but there’s also hints of math-rock, prog and shades of country-rock and psychedelia.