Burning Brides - Anhedonia (CD) Cover Art

Burning Brides - Anhedonia (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2008
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Anhedonia. The perfect prescription for a lack of feeling in modern music. This album is getting me through life right now because it is pure rock 'n' roll bliss in the midst of a rock 'n' roll depression. The Brides strip it down a bit this time around. Direct and to the point, but bleeding beautifully with emotion and passion. With every album Burning Brides release, it seems they naturally do what all artists should... evolve. The adaptation most present here is "rock purity'. And in a world of false heaviness and plastic pop bullshit, that is what what will help our music survive. This is future classic rock. The main riff in the lead track, "Lovesick" sets the tone for the whole experience of Anhedonia and honestly, that riff alone will make it a privilege to have this album spinning on your turntable. Contrary to the medical reference of the title, it can be felt.

In continuing with their tradition of dark melodic heavy rock, the Brides have once again created a record full of haunting riffs and eerily beautiful anthems.