Burning Brides - Hang Love (CD) Cover Art

Burning Brides - Hang Love (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2007
Catalog number: MOD90014
The album is aggressive as hell right off the bat, with Dimitri Coats screaming "Fuck you and fuck the rest of them" in opening song "Ring Around The Rosary". The record is chock full of huge riffs, thudding drums (from new drummer Pete Beeman) and that great indie-stoner-rock n' roll sound that made Burning Brides so appealing in the first place. The album isn't all aggresive power trio metal however, there is plenty of melody, pop hooks and even some acoustic guitars, like in "She Comes to Me" and "Waring Street".

On their third full-length album, Hang Love, Philadelphia heavies Burning Brides unveil another set of lumbering post-grunge rock. Fronted by charismatic singer/guitarist Dimitri Coats, the group, rounded out by his wife Melanie (bass) and Pete Beeman (drums), is fully dedicated to ominous riffs and potent rhythms.