Rip KC - Spinguolf (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Rip KC - Spinguolf (CD)

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Origin: Spain
Released: 2007
Catalog number: AR-021 CD/IR002CD
This stuff is relaxing, a bit trippy and psychedelic, expert at transmitting some jam-like vibes, and in that respect, it may remind some of the more open ended parts of Pink Floyd. Except Rip KC seem quite grounded, though their psychedelia is present all throughout this their fifth album, Spinguolf sounds like a sober album.

When the band introduces the tranquilizing vocals of Sergio Ceballos the music remains gentle and clear. For the first half their punk roots are unnoticeable, and eventually a subtle stoner rock vibe emerges smoothly and their fascination for the funky funk and post rock a la Mogwai and others is all over. Except Rip KC prefers to keep business straight and as a result Spinguolf isn’t filled with ten minute songs sans vocals that offer soaring moods. No, this is quiet, tamed and delightful and with the exception of “Punk is Dead” with its heavy guitars and broken solo and the experimentation of “El Cometechos”, is quite the soft come down.