Wyrd - Heathen (LP) Cover Art

Wyrd - Heathen (LP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2008
Catalog number: KR-16
Limited edition on black vinyl.

There is only one man behind Wyrd, Narquath who you might know from his other project Azaghal. This epic, pagan, black metal song awakes memories of a Viking past. If I want to make comparisons, I would say Wyrd reminds me of old Bathory combined with some Burzum-ish stuff here and there, and it is filled with ancestral, primitive, natural power. Slow rhythms, acoustic guitar parts, synthesizer surrounds us in a foggy-mystical atmosphere, and on the wings of the soundpipes we can fly above the bitter but fascinating northern lands. This song is the praise of the omnipotent nature but it's also the painful poem of the unbreakable Viking souls, of their blank but glorious struggle.

The music and lyrics complete each other, composing painful sorrow or aggressive rage behind its story with a pulsating power as it nears the end, till we arrive at their victory over the Christian hordes. Narquath repeats the verses with croaking black metal vocals and to this the sound of his normal clear voice, makes a parallel - as between the pain of the struggle and the firm determination to go on. The roaring of the waves on the stormy seas, the metallic ringing of the swords and the sound of the crackling fire round out the story and complete the mood of the song.

With this album Narquath also express his heathen views. The album title speaks for itself, as does the name of the band 'Wyrd' that has an important role in heathenism. The sound is a bit raw and deep but it fits the mood of the music very well. Narqath's pronunciation is not perfect either, but it makes Heathen, both the music and the mood around it, more natural, more elemental.