Oaks - Bravo! (CD EP) Cover Art

Oaks - Bravo! (CD) (EP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2008
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In the tradition of sludge-slingers Karp and Big Business, OAKS have come to provide the soundtrack to your next bongload.

Oaks are next in a line of bands that extends back to old school smart asses Killdozer, the hick noise metal of Mule, Pac Rim big shots Mudhoney and the terrifyingly awesome Karp. Misfit rock music that is loud as all hell, features yelled, unfriendly vocals and offers zero timeline as far as what the band is up to goes. Bravo! has moments of the Melvins' "Houdini" and Kyuss' "Blues for the Red Sun" in it (check Deerhead) but this is not slow moving stoner metal by any stretch, or even psychedelic, "Bravo!" rages past like a thunderstorm.