Poseidotica - La Distancia (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Poseidotica - La Distancia (IMPORT) (CD)

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Origin: Argentina
Released: 2008
Catalog number: 3
An all-instrumental quartet formed in early 2001, Poseidotica is a conceptual heavy prog band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have a very rough-edged but deceptively organized sound reflecting hints of RUSH, CRIMSON, hard rock a la DEEP PURPLE, the surf of the MERMEN and tantric drones of DON CABALLERO. Recommended to listeners fond of modern guitar-based prog with a looseness often missing from more polished acts.

These players create something striking, original, provocative, lyrical, epic, hard-edged, and reflective by turns, all without the use of vocals. There are moments that sound like outtakes from ‘Twin Peaks’ united with ‘Meddle’-era Floyd, and at other times you’ll hear Miles Davis, Soft Machine, Can, early 70s Argentinean prog, and of course a bit o’ the Sabbath, shot through with some Theremin for that retro touch. These guys would be right at home on the Elektrohash label.

Poseidotica play a potent, all instrumental brand of environmental, heavy trance-rock. They can alternate between swirling, heavy riffage, dreamy meditative excursions, and even incorporate jazz, tango and progressive elements. There are many changes of volume, texture and pace. But all these elements are well balanced, and flow seamlessly from one part into another, taking the listener on a mystical journey through a futuristic / apocalyptical landscape, filling the imagination of what life in Poseidotica's native Argentina can be.