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Fight Amp - Hungry for Nothing (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2008
Catalog number: TL27-2
Fight Amp is grunge in the sense of Green River or the Melvins. It's sludgy, often plodding, post-hardcore grungy goodness with an authentic early 90s production. There's a curious mix of styles and a lot of variation from song to song but the band never really strays from their core sound of Melvins and Discharge having a sailor's triangle with newer Mastodon. It's authentic and it's engaging. Musically the band is fuzzy and not especially brutal, but often intense. It's discordant, unmelodic, grungy rock that sticks to your ribs and to be totally cliche; 'has its own thing'. I'm curious to see where Fight Amp goes from here. With as much variation this band has from song to song using essentially the same instruments on every one, it seems like the sky's the limit for these guys. They made a new fan on this one.

Culled from the dingy basements of New Jersey, Fight Amp is the latest addition to the Translation Loss roster. Their blend of punk rock oriented noise has the outfit producing one hell of a debut album. Hungry for Nothing is comprised of distorted bass heavy tracks filled to the brim with sonic destruction. Mixing a caustic dual guitar approach with thick, chunky and driving rhythm section, Fight Amp have produced a sound akin to an unholy marriage between the likes of Unsane, Motorhead and grunge of all things. Their dissonant approach to metal is sure to win them fans from many sides of the metal spectrum. The slab of noise that Fight Amp has produced with Hungry For Nothing is a focused sonic and abrasive tour de force on the senses. The group’s mixture of punk, noise and metal only prove to push their sound to new levels with each subsequent listen of the album. I’ve been playing this one a lot lately and I suggest you do the same.

Best described as a more punk-influenced Unsane or Jesus Lizard, Fight Amp offers up healthy portions of distorted bass lines, abrasive guitars and pummeling drumming, making Hungry for Nothing an excellent example of a noise-rock meets punk meets hardcore crossover record. In fact, Fight Amp's interesting mix of influences and superb execution make it a no-brainer to label Hungry for Nothing as one of the first great records of 2008. Thanks to Fight Amp's more focused songwriting and hardcore/punk lean, Hungry for Nothing is confidently propelled along, making the disc successful in providing a robust slab of noise rock for the new year.