Divine Baze Orchestra, The - Once We Were Born... (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Divine Baze Orchestra, The - Once We Were Born... (IMPORT) (CD)

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Origin: Sweden
Released: 2008
Catalog number: TRANS036
The Divine Baze Orchestra could be your new best friends, as they unleash their ten-track debut album, chock full of guitar solos and mellotrons. Apparently the whole thing was recorded in two days, so they're emulating the seventies more than just musically! Most of it was also done live with just a handful of vocal and mellotron overdubs. There is something refreshingly honest about a band doing it the old-fashioned way. The vocals of Alexander Frisborg are certainly distinctive and it takes a wee while to get used to them, but the organ of Daniel Karlsson and the guitars of the delightfully named Oliver Eek are instantaneously impressive, as they fill out and embellish the material. It's an accomplished debut that bodes well for any future offerings. So dig out your loon pants, get your dervish dance on, and make like it's 1972. Man.

The Divine Baze Orchestra manages to mix up a little psychedelic, blues and prog and craft a great sound that not only works on CD, but I’ll bet just rocks in a live setting. You really should check these guys out.

Musically the 10 tracks on Once We Were Born hearken back to the late sixties or early seventies. Think about bands such as early Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and others along that line. These are compositions built on a blues foundation, but then expanded and shaped by some pretty interesting outside influences such as jazz and even a bit of classical. One track will emphasize more rigid blues arrangements while the next moves all over the map. I also have to say lead vocalist Frisborg reminds me a lot of Ray Weston of Echolyn. As a matter of fact some of the tracks bear a distinct Echolyn influence. When it’s all said and done The Divine Baze Orchestra really pack a whollop. This is heavy proggy blues with some cool stuff going on behind the scenes connecting the musical dots. What this means is that these tunes have a lot of staying power. For a first time effort Once We Were Born has a lot to offer for fans of that earthy proto-progressive rock style.