Siebensunden/Teratologen - Glad Dig Du Kristi... (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Siebensunden/Teratologen - Glad Dig Du Kristi... (CD)

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Origin: Sweden
Released: 2007
Catalog number: IHR CD 042
The depressing drone-doom easily rids you of all happy thoughts like a cold wind entering the room. Except for spreading a black cloud of depression, Siebensunden's music draws the attention on other ways as well. Teratologen's lyrics consists completely of Swedish rants against Christianity, taking over twenty minutes per song on this two-track disc. The desperate-sounding singer Sveggo spreads his melancholic verses over the music like a deeply tortured soul. Screeching and moaning like a burning witch on the stake, but also sneeringly swearing, seemingly out of breath. This is one big black piece of sorrow, and it is probably a good thing for human health that it will remain obscure. If you feel like spoiling the atmosphere during Christmas this year, this is the gift to buy.

Sibensunden are apparently an obscure Swedish sludge core band and Nikanor Teratologen is famous in his home country as a writer responsible for some controversial "classics". From what I can gather his renowned Äldreomsorgen i Övre Kågedalen is an apocalyptic tale of a child and his grandfather’s involvement in the black arts in a remote part of Sweden filled to the brim with violent, sadistic, misogynist, and pederast fantasies! "Glad Dig Du Kristi Luder" starts with some acerbic white noise before some sluggish crust doom guitars and slow juddering drums enter the fray. Then comes the singer (for want of a better word). Ok, there are two ways to describe the vocal style. One is the noise a turkey at Xmas time being shown a box of Paxo and an apple and being told to bend down and assume the position. The other is the sound made by the Knights Who Say Nee in Monty Python’s eternal Holy Grail.

Somehow though this gets under your skin and becomes an addictive morass of gloomy filth ridden doom with vocals that you simply cannot believe have been recorded in the first place. The spoken word part towards the end is a relief, still nonsensical and the instrumentation is still playing the same looped dismal tones. Masochistically into the second track "Herrens Djuriska Njutning" we go. Actually I lied, we don’t, if you are really inspired go find this and tremble in its wake.