Upwards of Endtime - Sadly Never Fore (CD) Cover Art

Upwards of Endtime - Sadly Never Fore (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2006
Catalog number: PALP-008
This is fucking metal, without any subgenre prefixes attached. Well, okay, there are some doom elements at work here, and if the solo on “Dwellers of the Dust” doesn’t put you in mind of Iommi, you got tin friggin’ ears, so I guess the stoner label fits, too. But none of these elements dilute the steel that Upwards of Endtime brings to the table. Keep in mind, if you don’t dig the metal and you frequent this site looking for the next Kyuss-clone, this won’t pitch your tent. But there is a just-sufficiently muddy/fuzzed vibe to the production to make this sound raw and unpretentious, almost (dare I say?) “underground,” the sound of a band that pounds it out on small stages and has a great time doing it, and probably throws a hell of a party afterwards.

Upwards of Endtime play a solid version of classic, traditional metal akin to bands such as Angel Witch, Brocas Helm, and Cirith Ungol. Sadly Never Fore has a beautifully raw, unforgiving sound and is loaded with catchy riffs, ripping leads, bubbling bass lines, and rollicking, rolling drums from point A to point B. The record smatters in a variety of styles to help keep things varied and interesting as well. These guys have a genuine love and appreciation for this style of metal. I honestly believe this is a worthy endeavor for fans of rollicking, raw, old school traditional metal.