Gezoleen - Black Spaces Between Stars (CD EP) Cover Art

Gezoleen - Black Spaces Between Stars (CD EP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2005
Catalog number: and002
Gezoleen is pretty much a one-man band, that man being multi-instrumentalist Jeff McLeod. Samples, mangled tracks, synths, and the vocals of a truly sick, angry man, are all mashed together to make a statement that grows more powerful with repeated listens. This is a bit on the far side of experimental music.

Don't expect to hear anything "pretty" if you do take the plunge. Nor is there any kind of guitar wizardry at all. It's more like the noise you would hear inside the engine of a '55 Chevy Bel-Air as the engine seizes from not changing the oil for 50,000 miles. But on a Monday evening after the boss has torn you a new ass and you've just had the worst day of your working life, this disc and a bottle of Wild Turkey will wipe any trace of yourself away.

Gezoleen approximates and summarizes many sound scenarios: what it would sound like if Jim (Foetus) Thirwell interpreted Big Black with guitars and Chinese fireworks; being pushed off the edge of a fiery volcano by James Plotkin; the Swans doing an on-line mash up of Neubaten's "Autobahn" and Neurosis' "Pain of Mind"; the guy from Naglfar taking a volley of buckshot to the chin; an intestine-collapsing caboodle of thrashcore riffs through the rusty and dusty distortion pedal Mike Patton once ran his vocals through. Black Spaces Between Stars is as damaging as it is frightening; life-affirming as it is destructive and engaging as it is repulsing.