Dysrhythmia/Rothko - Split CD (CD EP) Cover Art

Dysrhythmia/Rothko - Split CD (CD EP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2007
Catalog number: and005
Fractures is the new split EP between New York's instrumental math rock kingpins Dysrhythmia and London's veterans of atmospheric soundscapes Rothko. Seething with violent energy, Dysrhythmia unleash plenty of intense arrangements on this one that feature elastic guitar, bass torrents and manic drum patterns. Rothko on the other hand take the opposite end of the spectrum, as they conjure up spooky and foreboding images, using dual bass guitars, keyboards, drums, and eerie effects. Hard to say whether this EP will appeal to opposing crowds, as both bands are very different from each other, but if you want a snapshot of what both have to offer, Fractures is a brief but effective sampler.

Dysrhythmia is, apart from being a band that must have an evil joy in annoying dyslectics, one of the most exciting instrumental acts on the planet at the moment. It is still not exactly clear just how they do it, but in their own unique way they manage time after time to create enough order in their chaotic mathrock to fabricate the most imaginative compositions. Every song is an experience on its own, and this track is no exception. With a nice build-up and breathtaking twists "Earthquake" squeezes your throat shut while Dysrhythmia hijacks your brain on a wild rollercoaster ride. This song once again proves these are the true masters of instrumentality, and the long wait for the new album has officially begun.

One would almost forget that there is another band on this split EP. However, Rothko surely deserves some attention as well. It would be folly to try to out-blast Dysrhythmia's hectic work, so Rothko takes on a completely different tactic. Using two atmospheric songs, Rothko presses the listeners deep into their chairs with their whale-like sound orgy.