Hematovore - Untitled (CD) Cover Art

Hematovore - Untitled (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2004
Catalog number: and001
Hematovore is what you'd get if really heavy, technical bands scored movies. Untitled is a constantly changing landscape, yet the songs flow together into a single piece of work. The band combines layers of the technical thrash of Prong and difficult to nail down avant-garde experimentalism with the melodic theatrics of Queen and Maiden and occasionally even straightforward hard rock for contrast. Just like the flow of a film, the album alternates between calm surfaces with churning undercurrents and all out assaults, sometimes with smooth transitions and other times with agitated mathy shifts. Often drawing comparisons to Pelican, Hematovore actually found their own niche with a grander sound that more tells a musical story than sets a musical mood. While the album is highly technical, it still maintains a rich warmth, making it more a piece of art than the artistic exercise that similar projects often devolve into.

Hematovore’s music combines elements of stoner rock, doom, progressive, and even some metalcore. On paper, this would be a recipe for disaster. However, the band combines the elements so well that none of the music styles incorporated get in the way of one another. In fact, Untitled has something for everyone. Combining different styles and doing so without what appears to be much effort, the band makes a solid splash onto the instrumental metal scene with a vengeance.

The quintet can be likened to Pelican occasionally, though Untitled proves capable of steering itself in rarely-visited waters. And despite the penetrating heaviness that Hematovore offer repeatedly, this full-length doesn’t eschew optimistic, happy passages in favor of bleak, oozing dankness. Still, this is a gritty affair. While the transitions aren’t the smoothest, it’s immediately noticeable that the songs are driven, and most unfold in an enthusiastic manner. Untitled is a solid album that will be a nice grab for those of you who gobble down instrumental music like a competitive eater, er, listener... Or simply cannot wait for the upcoming discs by Windmills by the Ocean, Mouth of the Architect, Red Sparowes, and Isis, or are an instrumental hound with an insatiable hankering for the stuff.