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Melon - Mirage (CD) (CD-R)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2007
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Hailing from Delaware, USA, Melon is another entry into the alternative metal field. Melon take sheer musical force and commanding vocals to new heights. Intricate guitar work collides with masterful tempo changes, the rhythmic patterns are furious yet inventive in their splendour. Sometimes Melon gets pretty heavy, bluesy, Zappa, sludgy, spacey, sometimes almost poppy There are relatively simple parts, but also plenty of songs that are almost border-line experimental noisy rock.

From the furious starter “My Lackadaisical Mountain” with the lovely vibraphone; the shocking “Huffin' Gas on a Tuesday Afternoon”; the crash and burn attitude of the title track; the hypnotic background drone of ”Narcoleptic Driver” to the mysterious Neurosis/Melvins -like build-up climax of “Cocytus”, Mirage is always different yet the whole listening experience is extremely smooth.