Kruger - Redemption Through Looseness (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art

Kruger - Redemption Through Looseness (IMPORT) (LP)

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Origin: Netherlands
Released: 2008
Catalog number: RBR005
Rattling out of the blocks sounding like Entombed with their collective asses on fire, this is Kruger. Redemption Through Looseness is my first experience of Kruger, and as I found out earlier this week, like their fellow countrymen Zatokrev, this isn't about clean air, cheese with holes and Heidi. Switzerland can be just as dirty as the rest of the world when it wants to be. Kruger are, sort of, a hybrid of Entombed's more kick ass moments and a completely different, more melodic, stance. I'm loathed to throw the likes of Neurosis or Isis into the picture, but with the amount of atmosphere and twist and turns, I don't have much of a choice. If you are fed up of the sunny weather and the happier moods (generally) associated with music, then put on this slice of darkness and let your mood slip back into more gloomier times.

Brutal riffing, heavy steaming grooves, some intricate rhythms and breaks here and there, and a thick wall of sound. The intense powerful roars from singer Reno are catchy. His forceful bawls sometimes remind me a bit of Jan Chris de Koeijer (Gorefest), but Reno can (sometimes) also sing in a normal way. The impressive heavy production is mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge) and mastered by Alan Douches, a guy who also worked with Mastodon.

Redemption Through Looseness is not easily categorized. Kruger has some similarities to Mastodon, and also cite groups like Entombed and Neurosis as influences. The songs are intricate and complex, full of twists and turns. Kruger creates a soundscape that's experimental at times, but also has enough metal riffs and structure that it is still very accessible. This album has plenty of rawness and aggressiveness in both music and vocals, but also balances that with a dark, almost melancholy atmosphere and some melodic vocals.