Runemagick - Envenom (2LP) Cover Art

Runemagick - Envenom (LP) (2LP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2008
Catalog number: PR14
Now Runemagick have always been doomy, but this is the doomiest they have ever been. It is not an accessible album, and will definitely put off those not already into slow, crushing music with sparse vocals and a lot of ambient passages. But this is Doom all the way, with no nods to anything else. The album tends to get slower and more strange as it goes on. I can't say it kicks ass, because it doesn't kick – it's more like being pressed to death.

I always found it difficult to decide whether they are black metal or doom metal. And since I am not fond of black metal I have not paid attention to Runemagick for quiet some time, until I discovered them a few years ago. With Envenom, they have decided to surprise us with the purest funeral Viking doom I have ever encountered. I've always liked their Swedish/Norsk twists in their music, but in these heavy loaded doom riffs they express a misery and hopelessness I have never heard before. I am glad they chose the doom way.