Burning Star Core - Operator Dead... Post Abandoned (CD) Cover Art

Burning Star Core - Operator Dead... Post Abandoned (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2007
Catalog number: NOQ014
Violinist/vocalist/electronic maven C. Spencer Yeh has been a great self-editor since he began performing under his Burning Star Core moniker, even surprisingly enough when it comes to his handmade CD-R and cassette releases. Taking that into consideration, it’s no shock that his higher profile vinyl and CD explorations have broken forth some of the greatest unrelenting experimental creations we’ve seen in the noise underground in recent memory.

Operator Dead was his second CD release of the year, and focusing solely on his quartet setup with two-thirds of Hair Police (Robert Beatty and Trevor Tremaine) and laptop sound strangler Mike Shiflet, this quartet of immensely probing and bleak sonic explosions drove home the Kraut-like free-jazz powerhouse Burning Star Core fleshes into when Spencer finds himself exploring cohesion. The title track is one of the most powerful creations Yeh and company have yet hit upon; with Tremaine’s spastically contained drums clanging out a complicated pace, Yeh, Shiflet, and Beatty’s grand wash of strings, synth, and other distorted fragments meld into a cacophony of gut-wrenching transcendence that bears the fruits of a more sinister and formless Can colliding with one of Tony Conrad’s more ominous raga drones.

One of the most consistent Burning Star Core releases in execution and intent, this full-band behemoth further enriches Yeh’s uncategorizable legend in the often stuffily finite realms of harsh noise, modern improv, and drone exploration.