Book of Black Earth - The Feast (Splatter) (LP) Cover Art

Book of Black Earth - The Feast (LP) (SPLATTER)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2007
Catalog number: KR005
Limited edition of only 250 copies with splattered red and black on white vinyl!

They are pure fury and doom. Lead vocalist Cowgill frantically lashes his throat against the spiny guitars and near-gothic keyboards. Then he pours salt in the lacerations and revels as you squirm.

The debut album by Seattle’s Book of Black Earth is a first-class exercise in what an aggressive symphonic black metal album should be: vicious, catchy, and uncompromising, without any hint of the cheesiness or pretense that plagues most acts that inhabit the genre. In fact, at most times the keyboards are so subtle and low in the mix, that it is easy to consciously miss them entirely amidst the constant barrage of deathened riffs and driving, impeccable percussion. There is something here for any fan of extreme, original black metal.

One thing impossible not to notice when listening to Book of Black Earth is prominence of the drums, which in my opinion provide a huge percentage of the band’s heaviness. As a unit this band is incredibly solid, they pound out some grinding death metal which at the end of the album leaves the listener wondering which track was their favorite, and as a result being forced to listen to the whole album again.