Rotor - 3 (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Rotor - 3 (CD)

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Origin: Germany
Released: 2007
Catalog number: Elektrohasch 123
Produced by Stefan Koglek (Colour Haze, Elektrohasch) and Willi Dammeier.

You won't be bogged down by any pesky singing nonsense here – it's just ten songs of instrumental goodness. While overall heavier than 2, 3 still retains a nimble dexterity and psychedelic leanings. The songs zig and zag, and rarely in the direction expected. It's like taking a Kyuss base and applying some serious jazz learning to it – sort of like Philadelphia's Stinking Lizaveta, minus that band's inability to capture their live sound in a studio setting, and with a greater appreciation for/understanding of the European stoner rock scene. The beauty of Rotor is their ability to appeal to fans of straightforward rock as well as those searching for something more unique. You'll get just that with 3. It's another winner from Elektrohasch.

3 delivers solid mosh parts, as well as light, tricky, even jazzy improvisations. But it all sounds natural, fluent and of one piece. It doesn’t matter how fierce and surprising the break, how elaborate the beat, how mighty and propulsive the riff, how jazzy the bass is, it all stays authentic and thrilling. It grooves like hell and simply is fun to listen to.