Switchblade - Self Titled (2006) (Color) (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art

Switchblade - Self Titled (LP) (CLEAR)

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Origin: Sweden
Released: 2007
Catalog number: TRUSTNO029LP / RIP 017
Limited edition of only 500 copies on clear vinyl! Deluxe gatefold sleeve!

On Switchblade`s fourth album, the Swedish three-piece evokes a monolithic sludgy aura with a sound which is shimmering with harsh resonance. What draws these two numbered, yet nameless tracks together is a shared sense of deconstructed momentum and an oppressive, crushing heaviness which is nonetheless executed with a certain degree of melodic decorum and manages to somehow be graceful in its sloth. Adding to the bleakness and beauty of this album is the guestvocals by "E" of Watain and Mattias Friberg of Logh.