Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra - Side by Side (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra - Side by Side (CD)

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Origin: Sweden
Released: 2007
Catalog number: fuzzcd007
Dexter Jones’ Circus Orchestra has always been about nuance, not brute force, and Side by Side shows an even stronger grasp of songwriting. It’s not just their innate sense of melody, but also in the playing. The three guitarists rarely blend together; rather, they all have distinct voices within each song. Combined with the strong vocals, you get a chorus of harmonies. There’s an incredible depth to their songwriting, which allows the music to be intricately layered without sounding sterile or clinical. While lyrically the band runs towards the dour, the music remains beautiful and uplifting. There’s plenty to recommend with Side by Side. One of this year’s best for sure.