Jesu - Conqueror (CD) Cover Art

Jesu - Conqueror (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2007
Catalog number: HH666-126
Better than the previous Jesu releases. Justin takes his melodies to new levels. They are lighter and more ethereal than ever. Maybe not as musically heavy as previous JKB stuff, but the emotion is there. God damn Broadrick can write!

Conqueror is the epitome of calm. As a full length release of only 8 tracks, the songs are lengthy. Yet without the pressures of time, each song is like a journey that builds and ends at an even flow. As a result there are no standout tracks, but a continual wave of sound washing out of your stereo. Playing this record also has the effect of turning whatever dingy digs you're in into a full blown cathedral. Instruments rise and fall out of nowhere, echoing and rebounding throughout the songs. The effect is incredibly relaxing. For all that is going on in the record however, there is an element of this album simply fading into the background. Yet this quality could easily see it used to great effect to soundtrack a film. However, if the time is taken to really listen to what is going on in this record, one would certainly commend the efforts Mr Broadrick has applied.

Elements of Conqueror could be enjoyed by anyone, but particularly those who desire the delights of musical experimental ism with a modern edge. This is a haunting, soothing and warming record all at the same time. While it might not change the world, it certainly gives everyone else much to think about. Enjoy the experience.