Morkobot - Mostro (IMPORT) (10 inch) Cover Art

Morkobot - Mostro (10 INCH)

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Origin: Italy
Released: 2007
Catalog number: CAT 002
Morkobot is a totally suggestive instrumental space-psych sonic monster. A magmatic and liquid atmosphere lead the listener to a psychedelic and chaotic world in which vibrations become dense like glue, light and darkness are continuosly turning in a nonstop changing lysergic noise: moments of raw power suddenly replace those with softer, deliberate arrangements, and viceversa. From John Zorn to Black Sabbath, from Pink Foyd to Primus, from Godflesh to Hawkwind... past and present seem to be messed up in the magic pot of souls called Morkobot!

If you've done your homework, you'll notice that Supernatural Cat Records is also the home of Ufomammut. So it's not surprising that Morkobot treads a similar intergalactic path of transfixing soundscapes. But while Ufomammut predominantly revels in dark, heavily distorted psychedelic doom that's clouded in electronic ambiance, Morkobot takes a subtler, more overtly ethereal approach. At first Mostro sounds like electronic-based hard rock with slight flourishes, but as the six-song album progresses, the band lets their sound descend into darker territories. Morkobot has created some seriously trippy music with Mostro.