Wormwood - Requiescat (CD) Cover Art

Wormwood - Requiescat (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2000
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Sean Ingram (Coalesce) and Corey White (Esoteric) are guest vocalists on "The Endless Search for Food".

Wormwood is one creepy crawly ride through the forest. Composed of two bassists who share vocal duties, a keyboard player to lend all the right spooky black metal stylings, a bad ass drummer, and someone who handles samples, tribal percussion, and vocals, you know right off the bat you're not in for a normal experience. Wormwood is all about the bottom end. Highly recommended to fans of Eyehategod, Noothgrush, Dystopia, Grief, and Damad. While none of these bands sound alike, they all have the same crushing sound of depression that some of us fiend for so badly.

I do like that the one vocalist reminds me of Cavity a bit and they also have the same long breaks of no guitar without turning down the volume knob that produces some pretty harsh feedback. I also like that the rest of it is sort of like a doomy, slowed down HHiG.

I thought I'd miss the guitars in this band, but since most bands in this genre tune down so low, the bass on this isn't all that different from guitars anyway. And the keyboards help provide some of the melodic lead that would normally come from the guitars. Kinda reminiscent of Neurosis at times. Very interesting band to keep an eye on.