Isis - In the Absence of Truth (CD) Cover Art

Isis - In the Absence of Truth (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2006
Catalog number: IPC-81
The band's latest further explores their progressive tendencies, although this time around their approach is more intellectual than emotional. The arrangements are more complex and there's an increased sense of melody. Indeed, what's noticeable after the first listen is that front man Aaron Turner sings more than he barks and the guitars remain cleaner for longer stretches. And when he switches to the tortured howl and the distortion kicks in, Isis remains committed to the lush orchestration. In Absence of Truth is an obvious continuation of the style developed on Oceanic and refined on Panopticon. The band's gotten smarter with their writing, and while that may prevent the album from sinking in right away, it's still a satisfying listen.