Mondo Generator - Dead Planet (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Mondo Generator - Dead Planet (CD)

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Origin: UK
Released: 2006
Catalog number: Moth 17
For his first full-length release since his well documented exit from the rock-riffing Queens of the Stone Age, singer/bassist Nick Oliveri has brought together a rotating crop of musicians from his Palm Desert California home town under the monika Mondo Generator to release Dead Planet: SonicSlowMotionTrails. Recorded with, amongst others, Ben Perrier and Ben Thomas of Winnebago Deal at Dave Grohl’s home studio in Los Angeles, Dead Planet is a slice of metal-punk akin to Mondo’s 2003 album A Drug Problem That Never Existed. Throughout, Oliveri demonstrates a clear focus in staying true to his style yet finds ways to adjust and push his songwriting within this framework, exploring all avenues without compromise to the direction and statement of the album. Never stale or repetitive Dead Planet is solid piece of work bundled with masses of melody, hooks and raw appeal showing why Oliveri was such an important part of Queens of the Stone Age.