Neurosis - The Eye of Every Storm (CD) Cover Art

Neurosis - The Eye of Every Storm (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2004
Catalog number: NR-033
Neurosis have successfully outdone themselves once again. Yet another departure, yet another natural progression - the drone is still there, the texture is there, and the Earth-shattering, bombastic heaviness is still there, though it's used very sparingly now. And the psychedelia is there more than ever, especially in terms of the use of samples and effects - they have a way of catching you off guard and disrupting your synapses. It's also nice to hear Noah Landis step a little further forward and playing a lot more organ - this comes in at just the right time in Neurosis's evolution. Steve Von Till has become increasingly earnest and comfortable sounding and there's a lot of vocal variation between his tried-and-true tortured howls and his quiet singing more reminiscent of his solo albums and parts of the last two Neurosis records.

And the lyrics are, once again, a synthesis of great beauty, terror, and gut-wrenching meloncholy, but always with a sense of hope. In general, Neurosis continue to explore the use of subtlety and space within their music and it works out excellently.