Darsombra - Ecdysis (CD) Cover Art

Darsombra - Ecdysis (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2006
Catalog number: AAL017CD
Darsombra is the one-man project of Brian Daniloski of Meatjack and Trephine. Here he constructs a foundation of simmering ambience and adds layers of discordance, and it’s his grasp of judicious use of the economy of sound that keeps the album interesting. Sections of Ecdysi employ the sparse, ethereal stratospheric ethic that’s typical to the genre, but over half of the album employs a more textured, full approach. But that balance only gets to half the reason the album works. Less tangible, but equally important, is the way Darsombra manages to maintain a consistent flow by adding the right types, combinations and durations of noise, which helps avoid lag and/or repetitiveness. Daniloski keeps a chokehold on his guitar, prying out swelling shards of dissonance and rhythmic, accenting tones.

To hear - scratch that - to experience Darsombra is to take an astral journey into the depths of an unexplored cave, dark and mysterious, without light as we know it, to float through realms fearful yet fascinating, to be surrounded by blackness. Fusing guitar that drifts by yet scorches, and eerie electronic elements, not to mention disturbing vocal samples engineered into audio texture (note the opening track), Darsombra's music is massively compelling and must be heard. It is the sort of thing you seep into, you experience, you absorb, and which absorbs you.

Somewhere in the dark heart of Maryland known as Baltimore, there dwells a man by the name of Brian Daniloski who wields a guitar, his voice, and unspecified electronic wizardry to create weird and wondrous soundscapes. He prompts the critical scribes to once again pen the words, “This is the soundtrack to...,” and then leaves them scrambling for a way to finish the sentence. Perhaps “an art-house horror film in a foreign language with subtitles that are difficult to read, and an ending that, while ambiguous, is nonetheless quite somber.” Yes, that seems to fit the bill.