Wellwater Conspiracy - Declaration of Conformity (CD) Cover Art

Wellwater Conspiracy - Declaration of Conformity (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 1997
Catalog number: 3G-17
Declaration of Conformity, a debut that, set alongside the large rock bands that Wellwater Conspiracy's members came from, stood out for its decidedly anti-mainstream feel. The record in fact predated the trendy garage rock revival by a couple of years and seemed to revel in its bursts of loud psychedelic rock.

All in all, a brilliant album of lo-fi psych and enchanting pop gems.

Wellwater Conspiracy is the acid-laced brainchild of John McBain, (former guitar madcap of the original Monster Magnet) and exhibits everything that made vintage '60s psychedelic pop so great: memorable melodies, infectious guitar hooks and just enough third eye dementia to keep even the most seasoned listener on his or her toes. McBain achieves these results by relying on familiar garage riffs and other sonic touchstones in order to reinvent them in his own stewing amalgam of bubbling fudge mayhem. Covers include an old Syd Barrett song "Lucy Leave," as well as two Japanese psych classics by the Carnabeats and the Spiders. The inclusion of a mini-moog (played here by Matt Cameron of a recently extinct metal band) adds the perfect ambience to McBain's surreal vision.