John McBain - The In-Flight Feature (CD) Cover Art

John McBain - The In-Flight Feature (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2006
Catalog number: DUNA-011
Those familiar with Monster Magnet know the name John McBain. Monster Magnet was a sonic force to be reckoned with (Spoine of God -‘nuff said). No small part of that was due to guitarist John McBain. Since his acrimonious split with Monster Magnet, McBain has popped up sporadically, most notably with Wellwater Conspiracy and Hater. The In-Flight Feature is his first “official” solo album, and it shows a different and unique side to his playing. Rather than repeat the styles of his other projects, The In-Flight Feature is more in line with acts like Can, Pharaoh Overlord, or ‘60s acid rock. The songs are mostly instrumentals (vocals are a rarity) and are trippy compositions that, true to the album’s title, are content to take you on a journey. It’s an adventurous album with some beautifully weird passages (or maybe they were weirdly beautiful). Check this out if you want to fill your head with some fucked up colors and images.

I don't think anyone familiar with his earlier albums will be disappointed. While it's mainly instrumental, I caught vibes that remind me of his Monster Magnet and Wellwater Conpsiracy stuff while still being pretty unique unto itself.

The In-Flight Feature is a "soundtrack-without-portfolio" of sorts – predominantly instrumental journeys with most parts played by ex-Monster Magnet and Wellwater Conspiracy guitarist John McBain with fellow ex-Monster Magnet members Jon Kleiman and Tim Cronin contributing guitar and drums on several tracks. It's a real return to "head" music for McBain, as well as an exercise in pushing the limits of hard-drive recording. Some tracks feature so many guitar layers that Glenn Branca would be proud. As for the results, Can's Soundtracks is a reference point, as are various early Pink Floyd excursions and even Morricone. The In-Flight Feature is wonderful progressive psychedelia.