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Pearls & Brass - The Indian Tower (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2006
Catalog number: DC300CD
The Indian Tower picks up where the self titled left off. Which means you get more soulful, bluesy classic rock that to these ears seems pretty fucking unique. What I like most are the rolling rhythms and overall warmth of the songs. Whether they’re playing rollickin’ numbers or acoustic songs, Pearls and Brass’s music is simply inviting. And as with their debut, the playing is stellar. The Indian Tower is a fantastic sophomore album. Pearls and Brass are a couple steps above the rest. Highly recommended.

With its serpentine riffs that take their sweet time to uncoil and its sludgy, off-kilter tempos, Pearl and Brass has no doubt learned some valuable lessons from Josh Homme's Queens of the Stone Age. By combining math-rock complexity with raw power on The Indian Tower, the songs hypnotize as they pulverize.