Engine V - Broken World (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Engine V - Broken World (CD)

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Origin: Greece
Released: 2005
Catalog number: MADPROCD02
Engine V, like label mates Nightstalker and stoner rock elders Dozer, specialize in head banging, fist pumping rock. The riffs are thick and abundant, the tempo ever moving forward, and the overall results make you wonder why the genre never found mainstream acceptance. Like Truckfighters’ Gravity X, this album is bound to be a hit for those looking for some good ol’ fashioned fuzz rock.

From the amazing melodic parts that reach ballad-like points to the detonating mega-rockers, Engine-V offer you a ride, you just can’t turn down. The lyrics are simple yet effective and catchy as hell, of the kind that you notice yourself singing along every damn time. Broken World reeks of great musicianship and undeniable talent from start to finish.