Los Natas - Munchen Sessions (IMPORT) (2CD) Cover Art

Los Natas - Munchen Sessions (CD) (2CD)

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Origin: Germany
Released: 2004
Catalog number: Elektrohasch 104
Perhaps the greatest gift that Natas possesses is their ability to be laid back and mellow. There are so many heavy, powerful bands around that hearing a band that has the grace and finesse of Natas is a welcome relief. Beautifully intricate guitar parts swirl, entwine, tantalize and then finally give way to seriously heavy riffage.

The contents of this double CD span several of Los Natas' albums. Although I haven't gone and exhaustively compared versions, the songs gain in edge and spontaneity what they surrender in variety of instrumental color that you’d find in the Toba Trance albums. The last 19 minute cut , "Jamm Aleman", is a spontaneous jam session with Stefan Koglek guesting on guitar. This is required listening for all Los Natas and Colour Haze fans!!! If you are a Natas fan, you won’t be disappointed with this release. If you want a rawer, more electric tone than the Toba Trance albums, you’ll be in Nirvana. If you are new to Los Natas, this is a great overview.

It's a release not to be missed by fans of Colour Haze and Los Natas, but also for everyone who loves music for the music. Fans of Natas who consider this as an obsolete release because there's almost nada new songs on it think again! Take this as a "Best of", but not your typical one as it's played and recorded in a live environment. The two most refreshing bands in this current scene from two opposite places in the world doing a collaboration song, now that's something to cherish!