Colour Haze - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Colour Haze - Self Titled (CD)

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Origin: Germany
Released: 2004
Catalog number: Elektrohasch 003
The dynamics on this between the quiet and the loud are more pronounced, to great effect. Lots of tension in the music, like Los Sounds de Krauts, but even more carefully done. The vocal lines have a lot more variety too - the style is varied and interesting. This thing is gonna be another masterpiece - and fans of Los Sounds... will be super satisfied, without it feeling like more of the same. Every track is an epic journey!

Truly it's Kyuss and The Jimi Hendrix Experience rolled into one. Mani Merwald has that Mitch Mitchell tasty-as-hell jazz cymbal work going on. Sure there's a lot of other things at work too, but this album, as does aspects of Colour Haze's other works, has the Hendrix brilliance in it. These guys are so tasteful it's sick.

I loved Los Sounds.., but I have to agree that this one is even better. Very warm and fuzzy and more epic. I can't believe how phenomenal some of the guitar solos are on here. These guys are really taking this genre to the next level. I am incredibly in love with this band, they are so good at what they do, more people should be into them!!!! I still need to completely digest this album, but it may be my top pick for album of the year...