Melvins - Dale Crover (CD EP) Cover Art

Melvins - Dale Crover (CD EP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 1992
Catalog number: BR33-2 TUP40-2
Dale Crover has assembled a collection of mind melting hard rock. Easily the heaviest of the three solo albums and arguably the best. Although it's hard to say that for sure because each one of them has its own personality and sound. Another reviewer said it's the most accessible of the albums and I have to say that is true. The sound is probably the closest thing to any of the Melvins previous work that you are going to find on these solo projects. Just in case you haven't noticed on the band's records, Dale is an awesome singer. Pick this up for sure, but it is really best purchased with Melvins' King Buzzo and Joe Preston for maximum effect.

Weird psuedo metal-pop from the most bizarre drummer around. 'Hex Me' starts you off with an instrumental monster guitar torture and things degrade from there. It's hard to listen to Dale without conjuring up the image of him playing in his underwear at the Surf Club. Yuck. Dale is a pervo. Good album.