Melvins - King Buzzo (CD EP) Cover Art

Melvins - King Buzzo (CD EP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 1992
Catalog number: BR35-2 TUP42-2
I walked into this one expecting the heavy fuzz laden Buzzo sound. I was actually suprised by the way this came off. In a way this is far more laid back than I could have imagined from King Buzzo. With that said, I really like the way this album is put together. I don't want anyone to think this one doesn't have its heavy spots. It definitely does. It's just that this album shows why these three guys did the "solo" thing. Experimenting and showing an alternate side to their creativity. The first three songs rock and at times are quite catchy little ditties. The last song is more of a joke put to music and features Dave Grohl singing. All in all a very good purchase, but I really think it's best to get all three solo albums for the complete experience.