Melvins - Bullhead (CD) Cover Art

Melvins - Bullhead (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 1991
Catalog number: BR25-2
Bullhead is a hulking pile of dense metallic fury forged in a veritable orgy of feedback experiments and pure utter dementia. It's an exercise in endurance, completely unrelenting in its resistance to accessibility. The tempos are slowed down to the point of excruciating slowness. Every note hanging for what seems like an eternity, with Buzzo and associates reveling in every second of crawling sonic bliss. Melvins' third album is power incarnate. Its sheer display of might an incredibly impressive document of the band's bizarre yet fascinating musical agenda. Then again, Bullhead is not completely devoid of melody. Even in the midst of a full on war against conventional rock, Melvins don't forget their foundation moving ahead, but stressing the importance of the past as well.

As one would expect, Bullhead recruited a literal army of detractors, but the immensely influential LP also gained the Melvins a large group of admirers, including the heavily indebted Boris, named after the first track. Love it or hate it though, Bullhead is undeniably a monumental feat in the world of heavy music.

Melvins gained the reputation as one of the loudest and heaviest while somehow defying categorization. It's because of their style and arrangement. Those atypical flourishes that makes their material so unique. Even though they've since released about a gazillion albums, Bullhead remains, for me, the quintessential Melvins record. The guitar sound is alive with sounds primitive and frightening. It's a real monster.